Language tool for intercultural mission(LivePen)
Hebron Publishing
Publication Date
October, 2017
First Edition
  • Tailor-made for missionary activities.
  • With Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, English parallel-translations.
  • Content includes Bible Characters, Books of the Bible, Church Venue, Intercession, Ten Commandments, Life of Jesus, The Bridge to Life, Commit to Jesus and Follow ups, etc.
  • Course structure: Vocabulary, Useful Expression, Conversation, Grammar, Appendix.
  • All Vocabularies are marked with pinyin for easy-learning, with the use of compatible smartpen, enhances your listening as well as speaking skills.

Lesson 1 【誰 だれ 누가 Who】
Vocabulary:Position, Occupation, Country/Region (Nationality)
Additional Vocabulary:Relationship, Number, Bible Characters
Useful Expression:Self-introduction

Conversation:Mutual understanding

Appendix:Books of the Bible, Five-Fold Ministry, Heaven·Hell, Twelve Disciples, Bible Characters


Lesson 2 【哪裏 どこ 어디에서 Where】
Vocabulary:Verb, Church Venue, Direction
Additional Vocabulary:The Name of Lord
Useful Expression:Ask for directions

Appendix:Tabernacle, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Ten Plagues, The General Places and Phenomena in the Bible, Locations in the Bible


Lesson 3 【什麼 なに 무엇 What】
Vocabulary:Verb, Object, Classifier

Additional Vocabulary:Plants, Animals, Musical Instruments and Things for Praising, Gauges and Currency, Food in the Bible

Useful Expression:Invitation
Appendix:The Five Major Offerings, Sacrifices, The Priestly Garments, Body Parts

Lesson 4 【什麼時候 いつ 언제 When】

Vocabulary:Verb, Time, Activity, Season, Year, Month, Festival, Week, Day, Period of a Day, Frequency

Additional Vocabulary:King, Priest, Prophet, Judge
Useful Expression:Event Announcement
Conversation:Invitation and Feedback about the Event

Appendix:Jewish Calendar, Important Feasts, Farming Season, Climate, Year, Ten Commandments


Lesson 5 【耶穌生平 イエス様の生涯 예수님의 일생 The Life of Jesus】
Vocabulary:The Life of Jesus
Additional Vocabulary:Parable of the Heaven
Useful Expression:Verses in Matthew
Conversation:Leading a Bible Reading Group

Appendix:Jesus Being Tempted, The Beatitudes, Eucharist, Seven Last Words from the Cross

Lesson 6 【如何 どう 어떻게 How】
Vocabulary:The Bridge to Life, Commit to Jesus
Additional Vocabulary:New Life, God-centered Personalities, How to Pray
Useful Expression:Following a New Life in Jesus
Conversation:Mission Trip

Appendix:Sins and Consequences Arising from Sin, Spirital Fruit, Full Armor of God, Spiritual Gift, Referencing Words for Prayer, The Lord's Prayer, Love Verses


Lesson 7 【神的應許 神の約束 하나님의 약속 God’s Promise】
Vocabulary:Created the Heavens and the Earth, A New Heaven and a New Earth 
Additional Vocabulary:Attributes of God, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob' s God

Appendix:Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies, Seven Golden Lampstands, Apostles' Creed, Bible Passage, Isaiah 61:1-3, Blessings