'LivePen' introduction



"LivePen" offers you a smart way of language learning! With the use of innovative technology - a highly sensative optical pen tip - you can hear and study the vocabularies and phrases in our textbooks, whenever and wherever you go.

The smart pen itself is portable and light-weighted, allowing you to learn instantly and effectively; by inserting earphones, you can create your own quality learning environment; “LivePen” also comes with an 8GB SD card (which can be replaced by any of your other SD cards), so you can carry your own language textbook collection effortlessly. Start making your own ebook bank and enjoy the fun of language- learning now!


“LivePen” is compatible with LiveABC series, inlcuding English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish and other language learning resources.















Introduction of 'My VOICE'


'My VOICE Wisdom Pen'is a high-tech electronic product, which has been developed to support language education. Through the highly sensitive optical head, touching and pronouncing can be done instantly and simultaneously. Learners can study foreign languages while listening to the standard pronunciation anytime, anywhere. This facilitates proactive learning in the fast-paced of modern life.


'My VOICE' is light and portable. It is beyond time and space constraints which breaks the traditional framework of language-learning. Inserting earphones, learners can create their own quality learning environment. ‘My VOICE’ has 8GB memory. The high capacity memory allows learners to save numbers of audio files of different textbooks. Besides, they can select and update audio files according to their preferences about learning. 。


Currently, textbooks with 'My VOICE Wisdom Pen' are published and available in various languages including English, Japanese and Korean. It gives international students a chance to learn foreign languages in an interesting and effective way.